Terri Schiavo

I dreamed about the distant future. I saw an awesome sight!
People stood before Almighty God! Some on His left, some on His right.
I saw all people from first to last.
I saw them all, from the far future to the ancient past.
They came and came from their watery graves.
I saw the mightiest of kings, and the lowliest of slaves.
They rose from graveyards, from the dust of the ground.
I saw those who died and had never been found.
I saw tiny children with wonder and wisdom on each face.
I saw mothers run to meet them, and cry with each embrace!
I saw the old looking young again, as they looked into Jesus’ eyes.
Jesus looked with burning eyes, to search each heart for truth or lies.
People stood on His right and left, but could clearly see each other.
I saw families divided, sister from brother, daughter from mother.
Then I heard His mighty voice:
He said, “Michael Schiavo, you made your choice!
I died of hunger but you did not care.
I suffered with thirst as I laid there.
I died very slowly, day after day.
Courts and police made sure you got your way.
But Heaven’s gates shook as the people would pray!
My Father has answered each person, each prayer!
Your place is reserved! And I think you no where!
Know this my son, you shall live forever!
Your abyss is bottomless! Your escape is never!
Your mind will suffer eternal regret!
Your mind is eternal! You shall never forget!
Terri burned with thirst, but you will burn with flame!
She burned for a time, but your forevers will always be the same!
She suffered half conscious, but you’ll be awake!
She escaped her torment, but none shall you take!
Now go to your destiny, as you have chosen to do!
Depart from me! I never knew you!”
Michael’s eyes were filled with fear.
He knew it was forever, and that he had brought himself here!
Terri’s eyes met his, across the great chasm between.
A look of sweet pity was all that could bee seen.
Jesus held Terri with each comforting arm.
His smile told her she would never know harm.
Michael and Terri glanced one last time, far across,
one look of great comfort, one look of great loss.
How tragic, I thought, Jesus died to forgive!
If only, if only, Michael had just helped her live!
For the rest of time, forever alone in his fate,
Michael will wail, “If only, if only, but now its too late! Too Late! To Late!