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Why CBR Uses Aborted Baby Photos

(As Explained by the Outgoing Message on CBR’s Call-In Line)

This is the Center For Bio-Ethical Reform. After listening to a brief explanation of the rationale behind our aborted baby billboard projects, you will be given an opportunity to leave a message. You can repeat our message at any time by pressing the pound key.

If you need information concerning alternatives to abortion or assistance with post abortion grief, please call the toll-free number 800-848-LOVE for round-the-clock support referrals. These referrals are provided by an organization which is totally unrelated to the Center For Bio-Ethical Reform and has no involvement with our aborted baby billboard projects.

For additional information on The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform, you can visit our Website at You can also send us an E-mail message through the “contact us” feature on that site.
If you are calling to tell us that you support abortion rights then we wonder why don’t you want anyone to see what abortion looks like? If abortion is such a great idea, perhaps you should ask yourself why a picture of it makes you so angry?

If you are calling to express a concern that small children are being exposed to our aborted baby photos, please be advised that large numbers of pregnant women have told us that nothing less shocking than our pictures would have sufficed to dissuade them from killing their unborn children. Most women would never see these photos were we not to display them in public on our truck and aircraft billboards.

We readily admit that where we exhibit these pictures, born children are upset. But it must also be said that where we don’t show them, unborn children are killed. While we would never use our photos to target, for instance, an elementary school, it is impossible to display our signs in any public venue which is always free of children. If you believe that allowing born children to be disturbed is worse than allowing unborn children to be butchered — you are not “pro-life” so much as you are pro-feelings.

Even if we assume that you are among the very few parents whose homes have neither televisions or newspapers, unless you are raising your children in a cave, they are seeing bloody images of killed and wounded soldiers on the covers of news magazines almost every time you take them past the magazine racks which flank the checkout lines at countless supermarkets. The covers of these publications also display photos of airliners crashing into skyscrapers and the injured victims of terror attacks, criminal assaults, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano’s and tornados. Parents seldom complain when their children see photos
of victims of violent death — unless that violent death was caused by an abortion. We refuse to accept this totally disingenuous double standard.

If you called to tell us that you oppose abortion but want to complain that aborted baby photos are hurting the pro-life cause, you are greatly mistaken. The entire history of social reform is characterized by examples of the hurtful images which have been used to dramatize injustice and shock the conscience of the culture. No great injustice is ever outlawed until the public is forced to change its collective mind concerning the humanity of the victim and the inhumanity of his victimization. Not slavery, not child labor, not civil rights abuses or any other systematic oppression. Effective reformers are seldom popular. Popular reformers are seldom effective. We don’t care what people think of us. We care what they think of abortion.

So as long as America continues to kill these children, we will continue to show them. If you want the photos to stop then stop the killing.