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Reproductive “Choice” Campaign (RCC) Feedback

The comments below are a sample of the varied responses which the Reproductive “Choice” Campaign receives.

“Your unwarranted display of pornographic material on the freeway this morning is contemptible at best. Terrorists like you will stop at nothing to get your message heard. Your morality is suspect, your methods reprehensible and your character non-existent, so much for your ethics! If I had been on your side, I would certainly be against your cause now. I shall urge my Congressman to have your organization declared “terrorist” so that NO financial aid can be given to your reprehensible organization by any law abiding US citizen.”

“I teach 8th grade English at a public school and want you to know that the majority of my students see nothing wrong with abortion. I have long believed that if they actually saw the results of “choice” that most would be sickened and would change their minds. I cannot show this kind of photo at school, but the kids of today need to see just what abortion does do to a baby. Thank you for doing what I legally cannot do.”

“Who whipped up the little hands and feet on the blob of protoplasm? What are you people thinking? You may have your point of view, but there is no need to inflict your extremist and backwoods fetish on the rest of us. Those trucks? Disgusting. If I see one, I’ll be sure to throw eggs at it. Embryo for embryo! Please cease the baby-smear campaign. It’s too bad most people aren’t quick enough to recognize BLATANTLY MODIFIED PHOTOGRAPHS and NAZI INSPIRED PROPAGANDA TACTICS. And by the way, you suck.”

“I heard you on KFI today and tried to get through but was unable. I think what you are doing is incredible and am so happy people like you are willing to take a stand for these babies. It was so amazing the way people were so angry about what you are doing, the truth really is hideous – but they would never admit that – they just called you names.”

“I recently read an article about your Reproductive “Choice” Campaign on and I wanted to commend you on this brilliant strategy. These ads unavoidably point out the moral depravity, logical contradictions, and horrific violence involved in the pro-“choice” positions by making viewers immediately uncomfortable with the obvious implications of this perverted perspective marketed as ‘choice.'”

“I heard Greg on the John and Ken program on KFI and was extremely impressed with his message, his composure, his logic, and his passion. Thank God for the work you are doing! It’s no surprise that the majority of callers were appalled at your campaign. I think it is brilliant because it forces people to deal with the reality that abortion is murder.”

“I heard your wonderful representative on KFI today and I just want to say, “Bravo” for his eloquent and dignified presentation on the radio.”

“I am listening to you on John and Ken show and God bless you for getting this out into the public. It is radical, however no more radical than PETA throwing blood on people wearing fur. Where is that outrage?”