I could have been there, by your side,

To comfort you Mama, when you cried.

Our laughter, and our smiles- we could have shared,

Had you consented to have me there.

My little frame, would have known no harm,

Had you taken me, and nestled me in your arms.

I do not even have your kiss to miss.

But, above and beyond all of this,

It is your love that to me, would have been bliss.

My eyes and their color, you will never know,

And why you did this to me, I will never know.

Tiny fingers and very small hands,

Will never know the simple feel of you – so grand!

My eyes too, they will never see,

She who would have given birth to me.

On your days, Mama, of woes and of sorrows,

I could have been there now,

And for all of your tomorrows.

I could have been the child who would have taken care of you,

When you got old, Mama, and whenever you got blue.

Instead, I’m the little child,

You never knew.