Marriage Purchased by Blood!

Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, and others with traditional views,
Are defending marriage, in great danger, knowing what they must choose!
They defend this Holy institution, risking life and property, yet they do not refuse,
Even though they know full well what they might lose!
The other side accuses us of being filled with hate?
Is it not there rhetoric, not ours, that is so great?
We kindly hold up the traditional views of husbands and wives,
and what do we get? The threatening of our lives!
The “tolerant” ones say things like, “Long lists!” and “Long knives!”
How do they handle their political defeats?
Riots in the streets!
How do they handle traditional churches and their wedding bells that sound?
“Burn those f’ing churches to the ground!”
Come together, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, and others! Link arms! Hold hands!
Stand firm and defend God’s Holy commands!
Call on others who agree!
This is not the time to hide, or flee!
It is better to mix our blood and die for what is right.
Too much is at stake, if we do the easy thing, and run in fright.
Defend the children who deserve a mother and a father, as if you were a valiant knight!
The bloody murderers think that the fight has only begun!
Right they are! But if we give in, then they will have won!
Do not give in to their hate!
Do not let them intimidate!
Fight for each daughter and each son.
Stand your ground. Die if called. Whatever you do, never, never run!