Hubert Humphrey

Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light,
How we rip them from the womb, while insisting that we’re right!
If this is what we do at dawn, God help us in the night!
We will be pursued by enemies, from whom there will be no flight.
By our ruthless choices,
We have silenced 65 million voices
That will never have spoken,
Who might have healed us, but we remain broken!
We can’t hear them cry,
Because we don’t know who they are.
It’s easy to let die,
A single cell. That’s not going very far.
Killing a cell is a start.
Just a little further. Stop the beating heart.
Well, it doesn’t feel pain.
So, kill before the development of the brain.
Okay, maybe it does feel pain. So does a rat running wild.
What’s the difference? And anyway, do you really want an unwanted child?
And so, the arguments are compiled.
They say, “It’s my body! It’s my choice!”
But only for those who have a voice!
It’s a really short step toward Hell.
It starts with not knowing who resides in a single cell.