And You Call Yourselves Religious!

If you call yourselves Jews,
and you back abortion,
I got news!
Jehovah is not your portion!
Catholics, if you can say the rosary,
And back abortion too,
Unless you repent, you won’t like eternity!
Unbaptized aborted babies have a better chance than you!
Protestants, I don’t care what your denomination said!
You back abortion and you haven’t got a prayer.
You can face God with at least 40 million dead?
You have the nerve to tell him how much you care?
Mormons, you know what your bishops teach!
Abortion is a sin and you already know it.
Obedience is within your reach.
You already know abortion is wrong, and you already know it’s time to show it.
Did I leave anyone out?
I’d better include you in what I have to say.
I had no religion, and yet even I knew what abortion was all about.
I knew abortion was murder. I knew killing these babies was not the way.
There is no excuse.
Abortion is a crime against humanity.
Abortion is murder and abuse.
Abortion trashes what’s left of your ethics and leads to ultimate insanity!