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Racine residents appalled over abortion banner in the sky – 2012-11-05

RACINE- There were shocking images in the skies over Racine as a pro-life group paid a plane to fly around showing a banner of an aborted fetus.

The stunning and graphic images had people in Racine looking to the skies Monday morning. Some people told TODAY’S TMJ4 they were outraged and said the banner went too far.

Robert Griffin couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I look up and I see something about abortion,” says Griffin.

He was pumping gas in Racine, when he looked up and saw a banner of a ten-week-old aborted fetus.

“It was upsetting when I’ve got my kids in the car,” explains Griffin.

The ad comes from a California-based pro-life group. Organizers from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform say they’re trying to raise attention to abortion issues before Tuesday’s election

Griffin is not against what they stand for, just the way they’re doing it.

“It’s inhumane, it’s not appropriate, there’s a lot of kids,” says Griffin.

The group’s leader is not apologizing to anyone, including kids who see it.

“We think stealing a child’s life is more important than sparing a child’s feelings,” says Gregg Cunningham of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.

It is a stand that has some questioning the group’s real motives.

“To openly fly around and pretty much have right in front of everyone’s face, its distasteful, its disgusting,” says Shane Morey.

The banner is scheduled to fly again Tuesday over Waukesha. Leaders say bad weather may force a change of plans.