Partial Birth Abortion Video: Would it help us win?

We are often asked if CBR has video footage of the abortion procedure called an “Intact D&X” or more commongly known as “Partial Birth Abortion”.  This is a good question but the better question is; “Would PBA video footage even help the pro-life movement in defending the pre-born child?”

Yes, there are videos of partial-birth abortion procedures but they are in the hands of the abortion industry and they are used for training purposes.  The trustees protect them more securely than the launch codes on U.S. ICBMs.  It doesn’t matter anyway because the overwhelming majority of the American people already oppose PBA and have for years.  Why refight a battle we have already won?  The real problem is that 2/3s of Americans support first trimester abortion without realizing that it is far more gruesome than any PBA.  That is where we need to focus our attention and that is why our organization has spent huge amounts of time and money amassing an archive of first trimester abortion imagery and almost no time obtaining imagery of later procedures.