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CBR Threatens Defamation Lawsuit And Forces Successful Settlement

CBR thanks the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis (where Ken Starr was once a partner) for the excellent job they recently did on our behalf. Three of their best attorneys succeeded in forcing a pro-abortion group called “The Pro-Choice Action Network” to retract a defamatory accusation this organization had made against CBR. Under threat of immediate legal action the Network posted an apology on their Website and in the Vancouver Sun newspaper. Joyce Arthur, spokesman for the Network said in part that:

The Pro-Choice Action Network would like to retract the claim that Genocide Awareness Project staff or volunteers yelled racial slurs …. We apologize sincerely to the Center For Bio-Ethical Reform for any harm our unsubstantiated claim may have caused them.

The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) involves the outdoor display of aborted baby pictures with other genocide photos. The allegation that our exhibit is racist and sexist has become standard propaganda among pro-aborts and we finally got tired of it. When we retained a high-powered law firm and threatened to sue, our tormentors rolled over like the Titanic. Of all the lies they could have told about CBR, allegations of this sort are among the stupidest imaginable. GAP is displayed by CBR staff which include pro-life women, African Americans and Jews. The pro-aborts who made up this fable had obviously never even seen our display.

We are asking friends and supporters to be on the lookout for additional examples of false accusations against CBR by this or other pro-abort groups – especially related to issues of racism. Please report them to us as soon as possible and we will take immediate legal action. We are simply not going to tolerate these kinds of ad hominum attacks.