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CBR Prepares To Sue Pro-Aborts Who Falsely Accuse Us Of “Photo Fraud”

In spite of CBR’s unambiguous condemnation of all abortion violence, a position we have long held and frequently repeated, pro-aborts persist in falsely accusing us of supporting violence and attempting to provoke it. Because these allegations are emerging as what appears to be a coordinated pro-abort attempt to discredit our organization and others, we are preparing to respond with a major defamation lawsuit.

There is nothing new in this “violence” slur. Racists constantly blamed Martin Luther King for the violence of the Black Panthers. They said his passionate condemnation of racism created a climate conducive to violence. Some segregationists accused him of intentionally provoking riots. The Klan knew better but they also knew they needed to change the subject. They had no convincing defense for racial injustice so they attempted to discredit the reformers who struggled to win equality for African Americans. Pro-aborts are doing the same thing for the same reasons. CBR isn’t going to take it any more. We are assembling a new “scorched earth” legal team and budgeting for a major lawsuit against multiple pro-abortion defendants who have falsely accused CBR of supporting violence.

The irony of this disingenuous accusation is that CBR has taken a harder line against violence than almost any pro-life organization in the country. When “pro-lifers” associated with Life Advocate magazine began to sympathize with the idea of violence against abortionists, CBR refused to allow the publication to reprint any CBR materials. When the Website called “The Nuremberg Files” created an uninvited link to the CBR Website, we threatened to go to court and forced the immediate removal of the link. CBR won’t even permit registration for any of our seminars unless registrants sign a written disavowal of abortion violence.

These and many other expressions of our condemnation of violence are a matter of public record and we will no longer tolerate pro-abortion accusations to the contrary. You lie and we sue. If we sue, we win. If you don’t believe us, just try us.

We are asking pro-life friends and supporters to make us aware of violence-related false allegations against CBR. We will take immediate action.