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Jobs & Internships

Edit: Also check out the 2019 CBR Internship program,


Most of the people who are working to kill babies are full-time, paid professionals while most of the people working to save them are part-time, amateur volunteers…

Until there are as many people working to save babies as there are people working to kill them, the pro-life movement will continue to flounder…

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform offers high-impact, full-time, pro-life employment in the fields of marketing, accounting, public relations, web design, video editing, security, administration, transportation, research and graphic design. Internships are also available throughout the academic year and during the summer term. All applicants must be willing to raise the majority of their salary and must be willing to relocate if need be. CBR currently has offices in California, Arizona, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Interested applicants should fax or email a resumé along with a one page proposal detailing what they would most like to do or accomplish in pro-life work.