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Mobile Billboard Advertising


The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) has for years owned and operated a fleet of 9 mobile billboard trucks (with 3 more trucks potentially available from affiliates) from coast to coast.

If yours is an intensely data-driven campaign, we can drive your campaign signs in micro-targeted neighborhoods, in selected precincts, in desired congressional districts, in primary state campaigns, or general election presidential swing states.

We also offer aerial billboard services through a commercial banner towing company we formerly owned and with which we now contract at extremely competitive rates. Trucks and planes used in tandem produce a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The photos and videos below depict graphic anti-abortion ad campaigns, but our trucks are also available for political advertising using your campaign signs, bearing your messages, precisely wherever and whenever you direct.

We charge $5500 a week for 1 truck, driven 6 hours a day, for 6 six days a week, anywhere you direct. Trucks can be deployed in any permutations and combinations you prefer and operated in multiple locations. Our drivers work for and are directly supervised by us. None of our truck services are subbed-out.

Each truck displays three billboards (2 side signs and 1 rear sign) and a complete sign set (you provide camera-ready copy to our printer) costs $3000.

Please click here to see a compilation of television news clips featuring various CBR ad campaigns. We know how to earn earned-media.

Click here to see additional television news clips.

Contact Gregg Cunningham,, phone 949-493-3535.

See still photos below:

Truck 1

Truck 2





trucks front

Truck 3

Truck 4

Truck 5

Truck 6

Truck 7