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Genocide Awareness Project

The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) is a mobile display that has reached millions of students on college and university campuses in the US and Canada since 1998. The exhibit juxtaposes images of aborted embryos and fetuses with images of victims of historical and contemporary genocides and other injustices. This project is the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s premiere mass media outreach.

Pregnant college students frequently change their minds about aborting their babies after viewing the display and interacting with the CBR staff and volunteers who dialogue with students around the display. After one visit to the University of Tennessee CBR was told of eight women who changed their minds about terminating their pregnancies.

Other students report that GAP changed the way they think about pregnancy and abortion. The photographs help them realize that embryos and fetuses are not blobs of tissue and that abortion is not a morally inconsequential act.

Genocide Awareness

The images are shocking, but, contrary to the accusations of many abortion advocates, the success of GAP is not due merely to the “shock value” of our images. At its core GAP is an educational outreach, providing students with information they are not likely to receive from pro-abortion faculty (or news media or entertainment sources). Public universities ostensibly promote “genocide awareness,” but no discussion of genocide is complete without an assessment of whether and why abortion is genocide.

Here’s why it is