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Abortion Photos

Abortion photos – the victims speak

No one can argue with a photograph. Photos of the broken bodies of the victims of abortion prove at a glance what CBR exists to establish – the humanity of the preborn and the inhumanity of abortion. But we are often told by pro-lifers and pro-aborts alike that it is wrong to display these photos publicly because the photos are too upsetting. This position makes no sense.

It makes no sense if the critic is a pro-lifer. CBR’s experience sharing these photos with people in the public square has demonstrated that they save lives. How can someone claim to be pro-life if they honestly believe that not upsetting people is more important than saving babies from abortion?

It also makes no sense if the critic is a pro-abort. An abortion photo merely depicts something that someone has done to a baby. How is it possible that it is okay to do this thing to a baby if it is so horrifying to view that it is immoral for us to show it to people?

Nobody likes abortion photos. That’s okay – they’re not supposed to be liked. Sometimes it’s hard to hear a victim’s story. Abortion photos are the only way the victims of America’s holocaust can tell their story.

The following images are the backbone of CBR’s various public, abortion-awareness projects. The coins and pencils are included as size references and are part of the original photos. All ages are in weeks from fertilization. These photos are available for download and use as long as you agree to the terms of use (below). Click a photo to enlarge for viewing or download.

Terms of use:

1. You must condemn all abortion-related violence.

2. The photos are copyrighted, so acknowledge Center for Bio-Ethical Reform as the copyright holder by printing “Copyright” (or a non-English translation) in small font at the bottom of each photo used.

3. Always display the age of the baby (in whatever language is appropriate) so viewers understand how quickly children develop in the womb and how awful it is when they are destroyed by abortion.

4. Do not alter the photos in any way.

5. Do not transfer the photos to other individuals or groups who want to use them. Instead, refer those individuals or groups to us so they can obtain the photos directly from us.