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The international coins in these abortion images are included as a size reference and are part of the original photos. All ages are in weeks from fertilization. These abortion pictures are available for download so long as you cite CBR as the image source and agree to the following terms. Click specific abortion picture to enlarge for viewing or download.

观看与原物同尺寸的(or 全尺寸)流产的照片,点击较小的如下图片 网络的创办人谴责所有的暴力流产。”(那意味着我们谴责所有发生在婴儿身上的暴力,也谴责那些他们自做聪明伤害人们的人,那些提供流产从事流产工作的人们,我们反对那些人,我们谴责暴力。)

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