You say a woman
Should have the right
To choose abortion
Without a fight.

“Abortion leaves no scar”
You insist…
“Just a blob of tissue…
A baby is yet to exist.”

“A woman will be o.k…
If she chooses abortion today…”

But you have failed to see
You’ve overlooked the biggest tragedy!
Abortion scars the whole family!

I lost a sister to “The Choice”
To save her life, I had no voice.

How am I supposed to convey
The world of sadness that I’ve had to pay?

From my home my sister has been missing
Instead of grief, I should be reminiscing…

Of the fun times we could have shared.
Oh, how I wish this pain could have been spared.

For so many years I’ve been filled with sorrow
Because there will never be a tomorrow…

I will never cease to persist
To tell others of what I have missed.

When you continue to defend
A cause of death…
I cannot comprehend…

How you are so dreadfully lost
Because you have failed to count the cost.

A life was never allowed to begin.
I say this is a horrible sin!

My family’s the one who’s had to pay
For this “harmless procedure”…
Or so you say.
Many times I’ve said good-bye
To a person that you deny
Ever existed.

Straight to Jesus’ arms my sister had her start.
He is the only one who heals my family’s aching heart.

You want to overlook our loss.
But praises to the Lord,
Our hope is in The Cross.

When we get to Heaven
I’ll see my sister standing there.
And immediately I’ll know
We’ll have so much to share.

She’ll walk over to my mother
And give her a sweet embrace
And with a deep sense of joy
She’ll wipe the tears from her face.

No more sorrows or mourning
Only praises we will get to sing!

The old has passed,

the new has come!

Hallelujah to our King!!