When did I Become Me?

Just when did I become me?
I received my DNA immediately.
So, from conception on, every cell was human-every cell of me!
My miraculous computer code was there from the very start.
My instructional code was there, weeks before the beating of my heart.
In only 3 weeks, my heart began to beat.
It would still take months for this process to be complete.
In forty days my human brainwaves could be detected.
Abortion is a moral judgment that says, this miracle should be rejected!
In three months, my fingerprints were already unique.
They arrived long before I could ever speak.
In twenty weeks, I was able to feel agonizing pain!
By this time, awareness of torture could slam into my brain!
We abort after this awareness? Are we insane?
After 24 weeks, womb children can be kept alive.
Who are we to decide that they need not survive?
Through abortion, a third of our pregnancies die.
No wonder God will strike a third of the stars from the sky!
Is it merely coincidence that a third of the angels fell?
Could abortion be a hideous plot from Hell?
Every aborted child is a treasure lost before birth.
They are safe in heaven, but their gifts are lost to earth!
One abortion might have cured cancer, but we will never know.
We took these miracles and handed them to the devil, our ancient foe!
Is there any reason why God should save us now?
God’s mercy spared us these many years, though I don’t know why or how!