Turn Up The Music!

In Germany, the churches sang their hymns, as the trains would rumble by!
Cars, and more cars, were stuffed with Jews, heading for death camps, where they would die!
The trains, the trains, made the church music, difficult to hear.
The trains, the trains, they drew too near.
The pastors had a practical solution, have no fear!
The pastors decided that, the music, the pretty music, must ring forth, loud and clear.
So, they directed, turn up the music, as the congregation sings!
Sing louder, sing louder, to the King of Kings.
Singing sweet hymns and fellowship, just a few of our favorite things.
How easily we Christians criticize Germany, as we proclaim with pride,
That we would never have stood by while Jewish people died!
And what do we do when silent death rips babies from the womb?
What do we do when millions are swallowed without so much as a tomb!
We too, turn the music louder, and sing to the King of Kings.
We see not, that God’s wrath is off stage, pacing in the wings!