She Chose Life

At the age of 14
She became rebellious and wild.
On the shoulders of her parents
The grief and anguish was piled.

She tossed aside her morals
Without even a care,
And with a man 8 years her senior
They became a notorious pair.

A year and a half later
She would unexpectedly learn
That she was 3 months pregnant.
To whom could she turn?

Her boyfriend was distant
And showed no support.
Others told her,
“You’ll have to abort.”

Her doctor, with coldness, said
“Termination’s your best choice.”
She touched her growing belly
And thought, “Does my child have no voice?”

The road was quite tough
And most nights she sobbed,
But from the joy of her pregnancy
She would not be robbed.

Her mother and father
Showed her no shame.
They accepted her back
And did not judge or blame.

Mocked at by others,
Criticized by her doctor,
Her own loving mother
Would hold her and rock her.

Friends tossed her aside
In such a big hurry.
But God stepped in and said,
“My child, please don’t worry.”

God said, “I know your sinful life
Could paint quite a colorful story
But I will use this baby
To bring me honor and glory.”

“Give this child
A life of his own
And you will be blessed
When he is all grown.”

She knew it would be hard
And she’d face condemnation and strife,
But with God’s loving promises
She proudly chose life!

Her parents loved her
And became immediately attached
To their unborn grandbaby.

She gave birth to a son
And named him Andrew Jack.
At the mistakes of her youth
She would never look back.

If you know of a woman
Facing this kind of test
Tell her to trust in Jesus
And He will give her rest.

Just when it seems
That we cannot cope
The light of Jesus shines in
And gives us new hope.

Thanks to my Savior
There is one thing I know:
My Father gave me life
And I’m washed white as snow.