Post Election Prayer

Lord, we sought to reach lost souls.
Lord, we did our duty and went to the poles.
Lord, we know you are at the controls.
Lord, we faithfully said our prayers.
And, what did we get? A Godless man who hangs out with radicals like William Ayers!
Lord, we know that you use the weak to confound the strong.
So, Lord, tell us, what went wrong?
Lord, we tried to save millions of children in the womb from a brutal death.
Lord, we cried out to you with passion in every breath!
We admit it! Our nation has sinned. Godliness is gone!
Do you intend to send us to Babylon?
You did just that to Israel, and your truth just marched right on.
In the days of the judges, you handed them over, time and time again.
Do you intend to treat us now, the way you treated them then?
Yes, things will prosper for a while.
Yes, people will have tears in their eyes, as they laugh and smile.
But then the house will collapse because it is only built on shifting sands.
The floods will come and wash away what was not anchored to your commands.
Lord, I am so sorry for what we are about to do.
Frankly, we will deserve whatever you decide to put us through!