Is it a Blob or is He Bob?

In abortion, just what is the issue?
Is it a person, or is he tissue?
Is it a blob?
Or is his name Bob?
Is it a mere choice?
“I prefer her looks?” Or, “I prefer his voice?”
Or, “Well, I just prefer this kind of song?”
Or, are we saying, “Abortion is right, or abortion is wrong!”
If it’s not a matter of wrong or right,
Then there is simply no reason to fight.
You prefer Mozart, I prefer Bach,
We may disagree, but we can still have civil talk.
So, how do we treat abortion? In what sense or in what respect?
Is it merely a choice, or is it a duty to protect?
Under what conditions can this child be abused?
On this issue we’re so confused!
The sonogram shows that she’s a girl! “Let’s name her Jill.”
But if it’s not wanted, it’s okay to kill?
The sonogram shows that he’s a boy! “Let’s name him Bob.”
But government decrees that you get to decide if it’s a boy or a blob!
Just like Ronnie Dangerfield, life in the womb “don’t get no respect!”
But we’d all better be politically correct!
Within the womb, like mere weeds, rip out whatever grows,
Best not look too closely though at wiggling fingers and toes!but I’ll never forget, that my little baby’s dead!