Freedom is lost!

Land of the free?
Home of the brave?
I strongly disagree!
America is more like a slave!
We are not brave enough,
To save little children who die in the womb!
We used to be tough,
But now, we meekly submit to the tomb.
We voted for riches,
Yet killed the ones who might have made it so.
We are blind men falling into ditches,
And so blind, that the reason for our blindness, we do not know.
When life can be thrown away,
Merely by a vote at the polls,
Then, who hears us when we pray?
Who will rescue us when we have already forfeited our souls!
Hear this! When wombs can be scraped,
Because the child is in the way,
You too can be raped!
You too can be given no say!
What happens when you’re no longer useful to us!
What happens when you’re merely a burden to men?
You too can be disposed of without much fuss.
You too can be swept aside, then.
“Survival of the fittest,” Darwin said.
Sorry, you lose!
Too bad that you end up dead.
But, after all, we have the right to choose!