Do You Want To Save The Children?

For those of you who prayed and prayed!
For those of you whose nerves are frayed.
For those of you who feel despair.
I think I have an answer to your prayer.
Those who voted for abortion may help us win the fight!
I know! It sounds incredible! Yes! You heard me right!
Does the slaughter of the children bother you?
Would you like something tangible that you can do?
My dear friends, here is the answer to your prayers!
Have your children while the other side is aborting theirs!
Their birthrate is a pathetic 1.1 or maybe 2.
So let’s have at least 3 children, and raise pro-life voters who will outvote them when we’re through!
In about 20 years, pro-life voters will take over like a flood.
And, guess what? Abortion will drown in its own blood!