Daddy’s Tears

Dear Mama-

I visited Daddy tonight, Mama-

He came to me in a dream.

We were in a park, and walked and talked,

And we put our feet in a clear blue stream.

Oh! How i love his face Mama!

It is so fair and strong!

And to feel his embrace, Oh! Mama!

How I do so long!

That it wasn’t “just a dream”

But oh that it had been a reality!

That we all could have been a true family!

Then Mama, Daddy took me by the hand,

I could feel that there was something he wanted me to know.

He said he was so very sorry,

That my life had been “let go.”

He said that his heart just couldn’t bear

That I wasn’t able to be where he could love me

And watch me grow, and take me fishing,

And all of the other places sons and Daddy’s go.

And he said tot ell you, that he still loves you,

He told me this just before he had to go.

And i know why, it is because i saw tears in my Daddy’s eyes.

“Daddy?” I said, “next time I see you in my dreams-

Please bring Mama and sis! So then we call all visit!

Then we cal all hug and kiss!”