Crime And Punishment. What if America got what she deserved!

America has turned away from the God of the Bible she once knew.
What if God gave her what is her due?
40% of us didn’t bother to vote at all.
So, God could justly punish 40% of us for letting America fall.
53% of those who voted, then voted for Obama.
And he sees nothing wrong with the brutality of partial birth abortion trauma!
So, God could punish those 53% who voted for this guy.
Let’s see now … that’s about 70% of us who deserve to die!
200 million or so on the wrong side!
200 million who stood by as all those babies died!
Speaking of which, how many babies are in this gruesome tally?
How many babies in the womb for whom did we fail to rally?
It’s about 40 million as I currently do the math.
40 million sent down the executioners path.
Babies made in the image of God, or so we used to think.
Now it’s Darwin, natural selection, and waste ground up in a hospital sink!
Should it surprise us that suicide is through the roof?
For intelligent design scientists have proof.
And how are they treated? They’re fired for daring to say one word.
We ignore a whole line of evidence! How absurd!
We educate our kids out of the one thing that could give them hope.
And we’re surprised when they escape through sex and dope?
How could God punish a nation who thinks this way?
With what currency could God pay?
Well, God could take life for life in some horrific nuclear blast!
40 million of our citizens could be nuked to pay for our bloody past.
Each child produces 100 thousand in gross national product contribution.
Could God exact that much for each execution?
If he did, then multiply,
40 million times 100 thousand, for each baby we allowed to die.
That works out to about 4 trillion dollars, in round numbers, as I calculate.
Could this be the cause of our economic fate?
Just how many trillions of dollars have we lost at the current rate?
Could this explain our misery index?
We turn to anything but the Bible as our first reflex.
We crumble at the slightest things that vex.
We puzzle over the slightest things that perplex.
Sadness and depression have reached a terrifying apex!
If 30% of us even attempt spreading joy and valuing life,
Then roughly 70% are contributing to sadness, death and strife.
Odds are that unless we come to our senses,
We’re in for rough times ahead, as God takes down our defenses.
To say nothing of the monetary expenses!
My advice? Learn from the Bible and do it quick!
America the patient is really, really sick!
We’ve tried everything else, every philosophy, every trick.
I’ve seen God’s revolver. I’ve heard the hammer click!
We’ve dodged a few bullets, and we think we’re oh so clever.
Surely you must know by now. We can’t dodge them forever.